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Having Legal Entity Identifier is required for companies across multiple industries globally.
Register an LEI for any Australian company within minutes, and receive confirmation within 1 hour!


What is a Legal Entity Identifier?

An LEI is a 20 digit alpha-numeric code that is unique to each company or legal entity that has one. Having an LEI is a regulatory requirement which allows individual entities who are engaging in regulatory transactions be identified on a global basis.

If you are transacting in the global financial system, capital markets or in a regulated industry you will already be required to obtain a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).

Applying for an LEI number is simple, and can be completed in a matter of minutes regardless of the entity type, or which country you are located. Begin by clicking the button, or follow our guide outlined below.

Our API is connected to the Australian registry, simply enter your ABN and receive your LEI within an hour!


Who needs an LEI Number?

Once we have identified how to obtain a Legal Entity Identifier, we also need to know who is required to have an LEI. The Legal Entity Identifier has simplified the process of identifying trade counterparties on a global scale. By using the LEI as a common identifier for all financial entities the processes of KYC, customer onboarding, AML checks and regulatory reporting have become more streamlined and efficient.

You may be required to legally register your entity for an LEI Code in order to be compliant with local regulations such as Mifid II, EMIR or to fulfill your local reporting obligations such as CSDR or SFTR and SEC regulations in the USA.

Any company that is considered a legal entity may complete a Legal Entity Identifier application and get indexed on the official LEI register. A Ltd Company, LLC, an association, funds & trusts, a charity, anything that is recognised by law to be an organisation.

The only restriction is that an individual may not apply for themselves, it must be on behalf of an entity such as a company.

There are over 2 million LEIs currently registered globally. This is mostly driven by the 116+ global mandates regulating its use in every day financial transactions. There is also a large increase in voluntary adoption of the LEI for identity and KYC purposes, so if you have decided that you need one but are unsure of how to apply, read our guide below!

How to get an LEI in Australia

Step by step guide

Follow the steps on the right hand display to complete your LEI registration for a company, legal entity, fund, trust or other. Please note, you will have the option to register an account or checkout and apply as a guest.

If you choose to create an account it is free, and you will have access to premium features such as the Watchlist, and also the ability to add users and make your account a company account with separate billing details per person. 

If you checkout as a guest, we will store your email for contacting you and sending you the LEI via email. You can still come back to create an account later if you would like to have access to the dashboard and other LEI management features. 

If you have any questions on the registration process please contact us at support@lei-worldwide.com

To apply for an LEI Code, please click the Register New LEI button at the top of the page or below. This will open the registration panel.

At the registration panel you will see a dashboard. Begin by i) entering your company name or number into the appropriate field. Then ii) select your country e.g Australia, United Kingdom etc. Then iii) click confirm and continue.

Our system will search the company registry for your legal entity and present results. If you see your company name, click SELECT, if not, click Manual Entry mode.

Once you have selected your company, you will be present with a form for completion. Choose if you want to create an account with us, or checkout as a guest. If you already have an account simply log in. To checkout as a guest simply provide your name and email for contact purposes. 

Then we will require the name of the company authorised signatory e.g Director, CEO, empowered person. 

If you create an account just add extra details such as password, phone number and if you want this to be a company account e.g Bank of Australia.

Next, we are required to ask for parent company information for the LEI record. Please answer the two questions presented. 

Once you have completed the required entity questions, select your LEI package. You can register this LEI for up to 5 years (suitable for long term entities). You can select auto-renewal to ensure the LEI renews automatically. Also, you can add fast track for priority service, and a PDF certificate if required by your regulator. Please also ensure to select the correct currency for you.

Next, simply proceed to payment. Enter your preferred billing details. You ca choose to pay via credit card, or choose to have an invoice raised for wire transfer.

Please note; if you choose invoice option, the application will be placed on hold until the payment is confirmed or we have received proof of payment. 

At this point we may ask for more information once payment is completed. This is because in not all cases will our systems locate all the details required to issue an LEI quickly. However, the order has been received and is in progress. If the screen displays order complete, we have received the application and will begin the process of having your LEI application validated. The issuing time may vary depending on jurisdiction and entity type, but expect delivery between 1 to a few hours.


Counterparties to financial transactions globally are required to identify themselves using LEIs. LEI Worldwide make the registration and management of LEIs faster and easier, reducing the risk of non-compliance or failed transactions. We support our clients by providing a fast, secure and GLEIF approved platform to allow for easy management of large portfolios of LEIs.​


We believe the future of B2B corporate digital identity is through use of the Legal Entity Identifier. We provide our best in class LEI services to enhance and encourage global adoption of the LEI and create a more transparent and safe global financial system.​


We are a leading global provider of LEIs with a Celtic approach to customer service. Since 2017, the primary focus for us has been on delivering LEIs to our client in a timely manner, with the highest level of Data Quality and a focus on reducing Lapsed LEIs.​ Our guarantee is that we provide fast, streamlined and client focused LEI management services with responsive client support, while ensuring your LEI always remains active when you need it the most.



LEI Worldwide is an Official GLEIF LEI Registration Agent (RA), and the first RA providing LEIs on a global basis since 2017. Our approach since inception has been focused on providing high quality customer service and helping our clients manage large portfolios of LEIs.​ LEI Worldwide was formed to help some of the worlds largest organisations meet their regulatory requirements, with emphasis on the updated Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) & regulation (MiFIR) and to assist entities in the process of obtaining an LEI number.​​ There are over 144 pieces of legislation globally mandating the use of the LEI. If your firm is subjected to regulations such as MiFID II transaction reporting obligations, you will require a Legal Entity Identifier number or you will be declared ineligible to execute a trade.​ This could mean a no trade ruling or financial penalty “no LEI, no trade” as the saying goes.





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